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Remember 1984, and the commercial that helped
kick start the computer graphic design revolution

Outline for Illustrator Workshop

  1. Pen Tool
  2. Stroke – Appearance (road)
  3. Brushes – overview
    • Calligraphic – single oval
    • Scatter - multiple instances of a shape. good for things like tire-tread, footprints, as well as randomly placed shapes on the path
    • Art - single shape stretched from beginning to end of path
    • Bristle - mimics paint brush
    • Pattern - can have distinct shapes defined for sides, corners, and start and finish.
      These shapes must first be placed into the Swatches panel as Pattern (fill) Swatches before they can be accessed to build a pattern Brush.
  4. Apply the brushes to Shapes and paths
    • Paths
    • Shapes – made with Pen tool
    • Shapes – made with Auto shapes such as Polygon and Star

Files for Photoshop Workshop